Monday, May 23, 2011

This Will Bore You

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We had a long weekend with a family wedding, graduation, and a night out at a hipster restaurant with an ex-post-bedtime baby on Sunday.
On Sunday night, we put Tommy to bed and literally collapsed on the couch. Maybe you other moms can relate, but ever since well...becoming a mom. I can't focus on anything longer than a commercial. I can't help but feel that that I am so much more useful than just sitting on the couch. And let's face it: there is always something I'd be better off cleaning.

I owed my husband a batch of chocolate chip cookies and he was just craving something sweet (we've also been on a diet).  I found the recipe for the world's BEST chocolate chip cookies here (okay, I really found them on Pinterest, but I didn't want to mention it for the third post in a row). They are the world's best according to the New York Times, which was a pretty reliable recommendation. They were pretty damn good.
I like just three little pieces of ice in my milk to make it super cold, by the way. My mom's chocolate chip cookies are still number one, but only when she makes them, of course.

The real reason I blogged about these cookies is because other blogs (and yes...Pinterest) give me a false sense of what real food and real kitchens look like. These are just some pretty average pictures of some cookies taken in my pretty awful blonde wood kitchen (we rent). Cabinet doors and drawers open, window (still) missing a pane, ingredients all over the counter, Brita not put back in the fridge because nobody EVER puts in back into the fridge, eyesore highchair. (I think) THIS is how real people bake.

Friday, May 20, 2011

A Snapshot in Time and One More Thing About Pinterest

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"Enjoy it, because it goes way too fast." "You blink and they grow up." "My baby's 25 already."  I can't say people didn't warn me, but I really didn't expect it to go by this fast.

I just want to take a snapshot of this moment in time and remember exactly what I love about this perfect age. 

Nursing. The milk bar will only be open a couple more months. Snuggled up in our chair, doing our thing. He taught me to be a mom. 
His simple fascination with a rock. Not a Nintendo DS, boobs, or monster trucks. A rock.
Footy pajamas. 
Waking up. The moment when he realizes "I'm back? Mom's here! Dad's here! Today is going to be awesome!"
 The way he holds onto me when he's on my hip. I can't explain why but I love those little grubby fingers holding on for dear life. 

Enough sappy mom stuff for now. We've gotta talk serious craft business now. Pinterest is inspiring me left and right. See my latest move. 
There's a "tutorial" here. But really if you want to do this, just buy some umbrellas and a wreath and stick the umbrellas in the wreath. My kind of craft. I'm in love. Summer is here!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

PSA: You gotta try this.

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I guess in these new-fangled days hospitals don't take babies' hand and footprints. My baby book calls to me whenever I pass that page, "Why am I so empty?" And I say back, "Don't worry, lonely page, I will get to you soon!"

Move to my next thought with me. Pinterest. Inspiration, style, decor, crafting, even more Internet-based time-wasting. All rolled into one handy-dandy website. Originally recommended by Lacey. You look at pictures of things and if you like them, you "pin" them to your virtual inspiration board.

So...instead of continuing to "pin" things that I will one day get to, I stopped at Michael's and bought some paint and headed home, looking forward to finally making my first Pinterest-inspired creation (and for you, connecting the two random thoughts above).

Here's the result of the inspiration:

(Idea came from here)

While it looks like it might have been fun, it wasn't, so don't get any wrong impressions. A squirmy, 10-month-old with paint on his hands and feet is just not smart parenting.

But, the book is feeling better. It got the leftovers.
If you haven't tried Pinterest yet, let's find a way for me to get your email. I'll invite you (said in snobby voice as it is invite-only).

Monday, May 9, 2011

I want...

with 8 comments make more fun things like this and fill my house with clever and creative things that make me happy. learn to cook creatively, effortlessly, and quickly. dress better and get rid of this... learn to use my camera like a pro (this was supposed to be one of those pics where the sun is just beautifully beaming through). have another one just as cute and sweet as the first. husband to fix the damn windowpane. 
I'll keep you posted.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Hot Date!

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This is where we live. 
 This is two creepers caught out after dark without their offspring.
 This is the sushi restaurant that is two blocks away from us.
This is "smiling for the camera."
 This is literally called the "Hot Date."
This is a combination for a great night.
 This is reasonable.
This is Emily's costume for my girlfriend's Buffy, the Vampire Slayer birthday party (the requirement was to dress 90's).
 This is us not dressing accordingly.
 This is "special."