Monday, January 24, 2011


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I'm going to brag a little bit. My baby is super cute and ridiculously advanced.

His hair grew so fast I had to give him his first dorky haircut. Six months early.
 Wow. That last one is a gem. 

He's been to Disneyland three times in his short lil' life. Bet you can't say that about the average six month old. 
(A rare sighting of the mom-cat)
He's seen it all.

He already has a really creepy-looking wax sculpture of himself. 
Weirdest picture ever.

He glows in the light (I read him Twilight while he was in the womb...PSYCHE!)

He's already a ladykiller.
But, really they can't get enough of him.

Here's the real deal:
He's six months. Measuring in totally average. No teeth. No amazing early baby development feats (he's not talking or walking yet, not even crawling a little early.) But he's perfect. And the doctor looked at me like I was a nutcase when I asked him about early signs of autism. So...that's good. It's all good.