Monday, February 14, 2011

A Whole Lot O' Love

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I love the people who say, "I hate Valentine's day. It's such a Hallmark holiday." Those people have sucky husbands or are single.
My husband wrote me a Valentine's day song.  And took me out to  one of my favorite restaurants. And then made me a Valentine's day Powerpoint presentation.

And special delivery to my man.
 A book of love coupons:

I left two of them out for your sake. You're welcome.

My littlest love got two new books.
Just Go To Bed. My thoughts exactly.
 Okay, you can stay up.
Happy Valentine's Day. Because Hallmark isn't so bad after all. 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Ten on Ten: An Exercise in Futility

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Got this idea on Facebook. It was fun...for three hours. Then, my compulsive side took over and I was obligated to finish.

At 9:00am, I left the guys like this:

At 10:00am, I was in full-swing Monday mode:
At 11:00am, I couldn't wait any longer for my fix:
At 12:00pm, my dad brought me lunch (and I switched up my photo style):
At 1:00pm, Collin brought the baby in for his lunch:

At 2:00pm, the baby left. Yeah, I have the best job ever:
At 3:00pm, I was actually busy:
At 4:00pm, I ran out of crap to take pics of at work:
At 5:00pm, I got home (yay!):
At 6:00pm, I had just finished my workout with this ho:
And at 7:00pm, ten hours later, me and this guy sat down for a lovely dinner of a sandwich and Sun Chips:
Now, at about 5:00pm, Collin said to me: "Who really cares what you're doing every hour on the hour?" And while he was right, he deserves this:
He read this book to Tommy, last night. And he couldn't finish. Because he was CRYING. Weak.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

30 Day Shred or How I Learned to Hate Jillian Michaels (and those other two bitches)

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If it wasn't for my our-babies-were-born-on-the-same-day-mom-friend, Jessi, my legs wouldn't be buckling, my arms wouldn't be Jello-y, I wouldn't be writing this post, and I wouldn't have started the 30 Day Shred with Jillian Michaels. Also, thanks to Ashley and her inspiring Facebook posts, working out wouldn't even be on my radar.

This is my mom blog and this may very well be the worst part of being a mom.
What the hell is that thing? My stomach used to be my best feature. Now I have this. Thanks to an almost ten pound baby, gallons of amniotic fluid and not to mention general laziness, I will never go back.
But, that doesn't mean I don't have to try. The hardest part about trying is taking a half hour and putting everything else aside. That means I can't put away the dishes.
Get started on the laundry.
Or even clean up the baby's toys.
I just have to stick him...
In here...
And do it. For the next thirty days. Godspeed.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tuesday: Yep, I made that!

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It's safe to say I made that. I haven't had a lot of time lately. We did get a new computer and I also made this:
I will get crafty again soon. I guarantee it!