Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lent Day 2

Just call me Mr. Deeds. Yup, I've done two good deeds now.

A girlfriend that I've fallen out of touch with from high school is having a baby girl in March sometime. I messaged her on Facebook for her address and am sending her this.
I was so proud to show off this flower. I was amazed at my crocheting ability and how far I've come!
So, it will be in the mail tomorrow.
Oh, were you missing a daily dose of Tommy?

Much obliged.


  1. Emily said...

    Wait, you had a kid?! When did that happen? She's really cute!

  2. Amber @ Life Will Never Be The Same said...

    I LOVE the hat! I wish I could figure out how to crochet and how to find time to do make pretty things like that!

  3. Anonymous said...

    Ha. She's really cute. hahaha! Tommy is the cutest little BOY I've ever seen ;) YOu need to make those flowers, then send them to me :) I love them. I want some of the flowers just plain so I can put them on a hair bow :) How much ;) :) :)

  4. Becky said...

    Emily - Shhh! Until you change his diaper, you will never know the truth.

    Amber - I taught myself by watching youtube videos! Do it!

  5. Emily said...

    Well I have watched you change his diaper, so I know what is going on down there. And for the record, I never thought he looked like a girl. I've seen how he checks out Drew Barrymore. BTW, your BOY's room is so adorable, you are no longer allowed to say you are not very creative!

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