Monday, February 7, 2011

Ten on Ten: An Exercise in Futility

Got this idea on Facebook. It was fun...for three hours. Then, my compulsive side took over and I was obligated to finish.

At 9:00am, I left the guys like this:

At 10:00am, I was in full-swing Monday mode:
At 11:00am, I couldn't wait any longer for my fix:
At 12:00pm, my dad brought me lunch (and I switched up my photo style):
At 1:00pm, Collin brought the baby in for his lunch:

At 2:00pm, the baby left. Yeah, I have the best job ever:
At 3:00pm, I was actually busy:
At 4:00pm, I ran out of crap to take pics of at work:
At 5:00pm, I got home (yay!):
At 6:00pm, I had just finished my workout with this ho:
And at 7:00pm, ten hours later, me and this guy sat down for a lovely dinner of a sandwich and Sun Chips:
Now, at about 5:00pm, Collin said to me: "Who really cares what you're doing every hour on the hour?" And while he was right, he deserves this:
He read this book to Tommy, last night. And he couldn't finish. Because he was CRYING. Weak.


  1. Jessi said...

    LMAO. I'm dying over here.

  2. Ashley and Nathan said...

    You are hilarious ;)

  3. Sarah said...

    The first picture is the cutest, and my mom used to read me that book when I was little. She could never finish because she was crying too hard =)

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