Tuesday, May 17, 2011

PSA: You gotta try this.

I guess in these new-fangled days hospitals don't take babies' hand and footprints. My baby book calls to me whenever I pass that page, "Why am I so empty?" And I say back, "Don't worry, lonely page, I will get to you soon!"

Move to my next thought with me. Pinterest. Inspiration, style, decor, crafting, even more Internet-based time-wasting. All rolled into one handy-dandy website. Originally recommended by Lacey. You look at pictures of things and if you like them, you "pin" them to your virtual inspiration board.

So...instead of continuing to "pin" things that I will one day get to, I stopped at Michael's and bought some paint and headed home, looking forward to finally making my first Pinterest-inspired creation (and for you, connecting the two random thoughts above).

Here's the result of the inspiration:

(Idea came from here)

While it looks like it might have been fun, it wasn't, so don't get any wrong impressions. A squirmy, 10-month-old with paint on his hands and feet is just not smart parenting.

But, the book is feeling better. It got the leftovers.
If you haven't tried Pinterest yet, let's find a way for me to get your email. I'll invite you (said in snobby voice as it is invite-only).


  1. Rebecca said...

    I love you for inviting me to Pinterest. :) The organization of all things I find that I love makes me giddy. Your prints are sooo cute! I still don't have Delilah's baby book purchased AND my older kids' are only partially filled out. Oops.

  2. BrownFamily said...

    oooh! I would love to get an invite to pinterest...I keep reading about it on all of the blogs that I follow and I feel so left out lol! If you happen to want to invite me my email addy is :) Love the prints btw, they're adorable!

  3. Ricci said...

    What a cute idea...!! My LOs baby book hand print page is blank and I think I will have to steal the flower idea.

    And you have an access to pinterest... so jealous. If you can I would love to be added too... (I figured I wasn't cool enough and would be left in the dark forever). :)

  4. Anonymous said...

    Oh I love the Pinterest. Glad I could bring in more addicts to the fold. I posted about it today too, interestingly enough! And I'm SO stealing your footprint art idea!! I LOVE it!!

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