Monday, May 23, 2011

This Will Bore You

We had a long weekend with a family wedding, graduation, and a night out at a hipster restaurant with an ex-post-bedtime baby on Sunday.
On Sunday night, we put Tommy to bed and literally collapsed on the couch. Maybe you other moms can relate, but ever since well...becoming a mom. I can't focus on anything longer than a commercial. I can't help but feel that that I am so much more useful than just sitting on the couch. And let's face it: there is always something I'd be better off cleaning.

I owed my husband a batch of chocolate chip cookies and he was just craving something sweet (we've also been on a diet).  I found the recipe for the world's BEST chocolate chip cookies here (okay, I really found them on Pinterest, but I didn't want to mention it for the third post in a row). They are the world's best according to the New York Times, which was a pretty reliable recommendation. They were pretty damn good.
I like just three little pieces of ice in my milk to make it super cold, by the way. My mom's chocolate chip cookies are still number one, but only when she makes them, of course.

The real reason I blogged about these cookies is because other blogs (and yes...Pinterest) give me a false sense of what real food and real kitchens look like. These are just some pretty average pictures of some cookies taken in my pretty awful blonde wood kitchen (we rent). Cabinet doors and drawers open, window (still) missing a pane, ingredients all over the counter, Brita not put back in the fridge because nobody EVER puts in back into the fridge, eyesore highchair. (I think) THIS is how real people bake.


  1. Anonymous said...

    Pretty lady! I love that dress. And what hipster restaurant?? Inquiring minds and all that.

    I've made those cookies and can say they are indeed delicious. And you've seen the pictures of my kitchen on my blog right? Not pretty. I love it.

  2. Anonymous said...

    First of all you look absolutely GORGEOUS in that photo. Second, I'd love an invite to this pinterest you speak of!

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