Saturday, April 16, 2011

Feeling Like a Real Mom

Inspired by another internet friend of mine, Hilary, I woke up super early with Tommy and made him these. Banana teething biscuits. Since no teeth have broken through, maybe these will help a little bit. They taste a lot like banana bread and they made the house smell delicious, but after three total hours of baking (yes, these took practically all day to make) they are super hard like biscotti.

Bought myself a new iron. And I'm legitimately excited about it.
Spent way too much money at Target. (This makes me feel like a real mom because my mom did this all the time).
Found this on my shirt when I got home from Target. Don't know how long it had been there.
 (The squeezy pouches are his favorite, but are almost $2 apiece, so I consider these his baby Easter candy).
And I made both of my guys their Easter baskets. But forgot to get cellophane to wrap them up. Moms always forget something, right?


  1. Jessi said...

    Ooh, I'm gonna make those teething biscuits!

    Love the shirt embellishment.

  2. caramelchica said...

    I totally bought the exact same tin buckets to make my kids baskets too!

  3. basebell6 said...

    new follower; linked on from babycenter! your son has some AWESOME HAIR!! cant wait to catch up on your blog :)

  4. Becky said...

    Yay^^^ Love your giganto pumpkino!

  5. A Girl Named Gretchen said...

    Ha! Love the comment about Target shopping. I remember your mom on those trips!

  6. michelle said...

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