Monday, June 6, 2011

Hair Woes and Foresight Fail

It was a beautiful day so we stretched out under a big tree. The baby, with reckless abandon, rolls around the grass. The telltale sign of summer, red welts, mark his tender little skin almost immediately. My husband, fresh out of a class on learning how to photograph better (look forward to a vast improvement in my blog's photos soon), happily snaps pictures and plays with his white balance. Whatever the hell that is. I just sit and watch (I'm not going to sit here and give you some bullshit about how I put my toes in the grass and felt one with the earth and watched my beautiful creation...blah blah blah. I'm just not that reflective). 
A lady walks by. 

"Oh, she is so cute. My daughter only gave me grandsons. I always wanted a girl baby."

I just roll with it, as usual. 

"Oh, thanks. How old are your grandsons?"

Try to change the subject so I don't have to reveal the truth. 

"Nine and eleven. But I hate the second one's name. What's her name?"


No big deal. Something I deal with every day. My little boy is so cute he could be a girl. And I like it. The problem: this lady then went into a litany about the hair. 

"Mom, it's time to let go. It's that hair! You gotta cut that hair! You gotta cut it at least by the time he's one. He's going to have issues." 

"Yeah. I'm good with it. I like it." I wasn't offended per say, but I do hate when people tell you what to do with your kid. He's not even one yet for goodness sakes.

"Well, all of those celebrities have ten-year-olds that look like girls and can't go to nice schools." Hmmmmm.....

Anyway, we have the coolest stroller; it was like a million dollars and it can make a million different stroller combinations. Hypothetically, we never have to buy another stroller for as long as we live. 
And now for our real problem: we bought it in white. 


  1. caramelchica said...

    Ha! Everyone thinks my son is a girl too. I roll with it, the husband feels like he has to correct people.
    Hopefully you can use the "magic eraser" on your posh white stroller LOL

  2. basebell6 said...

    dont cut that hair! IT IS GORGEOUS!! she is just crazy and old fashioned!

  3. Anonymous said...

    BLAH! Whatever nosy lady! I just had someone call J a boy the other day and I just laughed and said oh, thanks, she's a girl though (casually, very casually). The response: "I thought girls usually had hair." I laughed and said something mellow about her being a cute baldy. Then he said "And besides, shouldn't she be wearing pink? Are you confused, mom?" WTH?? She had a YELLOW FLORAL outfit on. I mean seriously.

    Tommy is adorable. I love his adorable hair.

  4. Kasey said...

    There is no way he looks like a girl, and I love his lucious locks. We all know thats all that matters ;)

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