Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Lazy Mom

I'm a lazy mom. 

When I was pregnant, I had visions of making having a baby look easy. I'd be working during the week (with the baby at the office with me), lunching with my girlfriends on the weekends, going on dates with my husband at night, Mommy and Me classes mixed in somewhere, and looking good doing while doing it all, one-handed.

The reality is this: the baby and the office do not mix. Lunches on the weekends are no fun if you have a baby who throws his toys on the floor every time you hand them to him. Dates with your husband at night can't happen when you had to change your work schedules because bringing the baby to the office didn't work. Mommy and Me doesn't exist at night. And the last thing I want to do is sacrifice an extra 20 minutes of sleep in the morning for makeup. 

What I'd like to every day is this (on our new $148 patio set, by the way):
I don't want to be a lazy mom. And I know three-year-olds don't put up with lazy moms...Tommy will be three someday. So, I've got to work on this. To help me this summer, I am writing a summer bucket list. Here's my work in progress:

  1. Orange County Fair
  2. Go fishing at the Irvine Lake
  3. Discovery Science Zone
  4. PJ Storytime
  5. Swim Lessons (Lessons for 1-year-old...whatevs)
  6. Make fresh-squeezed lemonade
  7. Make a fort outside 
  8. Go on a boat (or would it be ride on a boat? They both sound weird)
  9. Ride a bike with Tommy 
  10. Go to a splash pad
  11. Have a sleepover with my husband like we used to on the living room floor
  12. Spend the night away from Tommy / Wine tasting in Temecula
  13. Find an ice cream truck (they just don't come around anymore)
  14. Go to the LA zoo and/or San Diego zoo
  15. Hand-dip frozen bananas or balboa bars
  16. Make a stepping stone for the yard
  17. Plant herbs in a galvanized tub
  18. Make popsicles
  19. Baseball game!
  20. Go to the strawberry farm
  21. Hike to the waterfall (maybe without Tommy, it's a real hike)
  22. Ride on the Irvine Park railroad
  23. Make Collin ride a horse (he never has!)
  24. Get back our Disneyland passes (at the end of summer because summer sucks there)

I just hope we don't die at the end of all this. You know, it being a bucket list and all...


  1. basebell6 said...

    lol i hope you dont die this summer either! i want to make a summer to do list too now! sounds fun :)

  2. Emily said...

    First of all, I can join you on # 1 like we did two summres ago. I have already joined you for #4. I want to drink #6 when you get to it. I can make #19 possible thanks to the parents, and let me know when #24 expires because I just got mine!! Add to list: swim in shallow end with Emily at the girl's house. We can pretend it is The Parker.

  3. Anonymous said...

    I 100% agree with you. I'd much rather sleep than bother with things like makeup. I'm not trying to impress my co-workers!

    Good luck on your bucket list!

  4. caramelchica said...

    Great Idea. I really need to make a list so that in September I'm not looking back at the summer wondering what the hell happened. My SIL got my older daughter a membership to the children's museum back when my july baby was born and I've taken her ONCE. Bad mommy.

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