Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Angel in the Front Yard

My husband could watch sports all day. Sports are boring. But, since my husband pretends to be enthusiastic about my crafting, decorating, and even blogging, I reserve a little zeal for our good ol' local team, the Anaheim Angels. Food can get me to go anywhere and their food is delicious; this is not your average baseball stadium fare. Also, I once read that couples who go to baseball games together have a lower divorce rate.

So, my dad bought tickets today. And my husband had to work, so I don't know why I prefaced this story with that little tidbit above.
If you can believe it, my nine-month-old boy was a perfect gentlemen throughout the entire game.
He even cheered at the appropriate times. I'm telling you...he had fun. 
My dad says to me today, "You know the fan giveaway today at the Angels' game is a blanket. I really want that blanket." The season just started so people are still gung-ho about going to games. The cheapest tickets he can find: $50 apiece. While he's purchasing them, "It's worth it though, for the blanket." 
The blanket was definitely the worst blanket on Earth. But I guess I would say it was worth it. Love my dad and his hare-brained ideas. And yes, my dad still wears visors.


  1. Bonnie said...

    Please please tell me where you got your baby legs from. My poor Elijah is stuck in the ONE pair I was able to find and the other pair that I had my mom make that looks terrible.

    I'm tempted to start buying the little girl baby legs because it's all I can find. :/

  2. caramelchica said...

    LOL at the the irrelevant preface! I do agree though... I'm glad the little man had fun. We have the chance to see a game this saturday, but it doesn't start til bedtime so I'm pretty sure it'd be a bad idea. boo.

  3. Jessi said...

    You look like your dad :)

  4. Becky said...

    Bonnie - The baby legs are from Target actually, but I'm pretty sure it was a one-time thing. Recently, I was on and they had a million pairs. Also, you can search crawler covers on Etsy. Good luck and let me know if you find cute ones!

    Amber - It started at 7pm and that's bedtime, but it went surprisingly well. He was awesome. I've been abiding to strict 7pm bedtime for over a month now and sometimes you just gotta live life. Also, Tommy slept from 10 to 7...9 hours for the first time in his life last night! Yes!

    Jessi - Thanks? I know.

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