Monday, November 15, 2010

Cloth Diaper Shout Out

I eat meat.
I drink Diet Coke.
I use paper towels.
I take super long showers.
I use baby wipes.
I don't buy secondhand.
I don't eat leftovers.
I don't have a compost pile.
And I never remember my reusable grocery bags.

But I DO use cloth diapers. And I love them.
I love how each time I use one, I save a tree (true fact).

I love that my next baby can wear them.

I love that I haven't bought disposable diapers for four months (these jean diapers were a gift).

I love how colorful they are.

I love that plastic isn't chafing that boy's booty all day (only some parts of every few days).

And come on could they be any cuter?

Go cloth!


  1. Jessi said...

    For as long as I've been on BBC, I've never had even the slightest interest in cloth diapering, but for some reason your post is making me want to. What brand do you use?

    Also, I'd LOVE to follow your blog, but I can't frigging find a follow button :/

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