Wednesday, November 24, 2010

$anta Clau$

In the interest of saving ourselves from having to stand in a long line with a screaming/hungry/bored baby, we took Tommy to sit on Santa's lap today. Yes, it's only November 23. It was perfect and he was adorable. He tolerated Santa much more than he does his own grandpa. And our one 5x7 only cost $21.75.

We then walked the gilded glamour that is South Coast Plaza, decked out for the holidays. Crazy how these stores can simultaneously sicken and seduce you. We did make our contribution. See if you can spot our purchase.
Happy holidays! Nothing better than a hot chai tea latte and a smiling baby.


  1. LS said...

    WOW these are amazing photo's. Your LO is so cute. you are one talented lady!!!

  2. LS said...

    ohhh your purchase... The coffee!!!

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