Monday, December 27, 2010

Tommy's First Christmas

It's one o'clock in the morning and I've wrapped, cleaned, baked, and ribboned every thing in sight. And finally, there's peace. Collin and Tommy are sleeping in the other room and I just take it all in. My baby's first Christmas.
I remember when the anticipation of Christmas used to kill me. I couldn't wait and it couldn't take any longer to get here. I know Tommy will feel that soon. But even he could tell something special was going on when he woke up Christmas morning.
He even ripped open his first present!
My dad, mom, grandma, and little sister trickled in.

Collin and I put out all the Christmas goodies. Five kinds of cookies...
See's Candy...
Not pictured is our delicious zucchini and sausage quiche and the mimosas. And a family tradition...
My dad shoveling it in.
Then we do our ceremonious present opening. One after the other:

Grandma got Tommy a pair of Robeez, with fire trucks, which are so cute, by the way.
And Grandpa came, as always, with the age-inappropriate gift. Last year (while pregnant) my unborn (and unknown sex baby) got a baseball bat. This year...
Tommy loved everything. He loved having his family there, banging on his new toys, the Christmas music, and piles of wrapping paper.
And I loved watching him take it all in.

Stress and all, I can't wait until next year.


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