Sunday, December 5, 2010

It looks a lot like Christmas.

Christmas is awesome. There is nothing better than fresh baked Christmas cookies, cheese logs, hot chocolate, and other things besides food. While it's taken us four weeks, everything is finally up and ready to go. Welcome to our home...Why, come on in!
Here are all of our decorations. First up,  check out "KAALT" the white treescape from IKEA. $12.99 and worth every penny.
The holy family, a lightbox, and a bowl filled with pine cones I found on a walk. 
Our pretty Christmas tree. After years of watching my mom do it, I think I finally recreated the magic. Still in search of a tree-topper though.
No mantle, so this mirror will have to do.
 Our house feels so warm and perfect for our little baby's first Christmas. 


  1. Nicole said...

    I love this "baby's 1st" ornament...where did you get it?? Beautiful tree!!

  2. Becky said...

    Nicole - I got this one at Bloomingdale's. We were walking through and spotted it. It cost us $15 though. That will teach us to buy anything at Bloomie's.

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