Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday: Yep, I made that!

Tommy is getting this guy for Christmas. I found the pattern here and used this yarn. I've seen him looking at it. He wants it. Poor kid, even if he doesn't want it, he's getting it.
But nope, not until Christmas. I was going to knit him a blanket, but I think he'll like this more. Especially because the blanket has about three months left of work to do.

 I finished this guy in about two and a half nights (interruptions included).
 And we call him Gym. I think he'll like his new giraffe.

I think...He doesn't seem too sure about the giraffe he's already got.

Sure beats working on this for another eight months. Seriously, it's been eight months and I'm only about half done.


  1. Jessi said...

    Um. Just saw this. I want one. PRONTO.

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