Monday, March 21, 2011

St. Patrick's Day, Murphy Style

I married a Murphy. So that means we have to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in some way. This year, it came and went and it felt...not right. So I called up my family and invited them over Saturday for some corned beef and cabbage. Here's what happened:
I decorated.
I baked green chocolate chip cookies and made green vanilla ice cream. 
He found this mug in the back of our cupboard. 
What a weirdo. 

Check out these little noonskees.
At first, my niece wouldn't set foot in my house (she's the cutest grumpiest grump you'll ever meet). 
And my 5-year-old nephew lost his first tooth. 

I love entertaining. My husband is a great cook and we make a great team except when we yell at each other. Stay tuned for Tommy's first birthday party. The theme: cows. Look Moos Turning One! On the menu: cheese, hamburgers, and milk and cookies.


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  2. Emily said...

    Well it looks like your St. Patty's day make-up was way better than the actual day... I love the shamrock decorations miss creative. I want some green ice cream!

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