Monday, April 11, 2011


I am in the process of moving all of my old picture files onto my new computer and I love going through old photos. At this point, I may even call it a hobby of mine. I could spend hours looking at the ones of Tommy when he was just a scrunchy newborn.

Here are some pictures of what we were doing on March 20, last year:
Five, six months pregnant.
Scoping the waves.
Who knew pregnancy could be so sexy awkward? This pic is so reprehensible. I'm posing like this with all of these people around. "Check out the weird pregnant lady."
Scoping the hotties.

Here's what we did today:
Edited to change title. I already had another post with the same name!


  1. Ashley and Nathan said...

    He's looking like WTF are you doing to me dad. Stop. Now. :) I love reminiscing. I do that with Addie's scrunchy baby pictures. Tears.

  2. Jessi said...

    Bobblehead Jesus!

  3. Becky said...

    Ash- We miss those little blobbers, don't we?

    And yes, Jessi...Bobblehead Jesus. We love him!

  4. Lacey said...

    Awww I LOVE this! Look at your gorgeous prego lady!

    And I'm in love with the awkward shot of you posing with the dudes right there. You should blow that up and frame it.

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